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The Definition of Mammy Frame makes a great Mother’s Day or Birthday Gift for Mum. After all nobody can define your Mammy quite like you.

She is one of the few people you know all your life and know and love inside and out. All those little phrases she has that only you truly understand, the inside jokes and little habits and quirks that make her your Mammy.

Capture them all in a fully personalised frame this Mother’s Day with a Definition of Mammy frame by Precision Designs. This frame measures 40*50 cm and is supplied with hooks for easy hanging.


To Order:

1). Select the definition you would like – standard (same phrases as per the image labelled Standard Definition) €45 or a fully customised definition (up to 12 phrases) similar to photo for €50
2). Insert the names you would like added to the frame in the text box – e.g. Mammy, Anne O’Brien, Emer, Róisín, Paul, John & Lisa.
3).* If you choose the fully customised definition – insert the phrases you would like included in the text box – number them 1-12 (you can as many phrases as you wish up to a maximum of 12 or 240 characters).
4). After your order is placed, a digital proof will be emailed to you to ensure you are happy with the layout prior to engraving.
5). After you confirm you are happy to proceed, your frame will be engraved and shipped to your shipping address.

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